What can we do for you today?

Well first of all we can make it simple for you. We like simple.

We specialise in helping busy people build their property portfolio, in fact all you really have to do is choose a property and we take care of the rest.

However, in order to offer this complete package we have had to build around us, over time, reliable people, in all areas and that means we can offer four services.

Service Number One.

Acquisition and then some.

Residential property investment is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

With good planning and prudent investment residential property is a get rich slow, whilst you’re busy doing something else scheme.

But for this to work you need to acquire some property.

But where and for how much and when and how much should you spend and should you buy new or old or houses or apartments or go for yield or growth.

We have helped dozens of people acquire hundreds of UK properties over the last decade or so and we can do it for you too, wherever you live. We will find you property below market value in places that people want to live so that you are likely to be able to find a tenant to pay you interest on your capital or pay your mortgage until it’s time to sell.

And guess what? Because the property will be in a place that people want to live then you are more likely to be able to find a buyer for it and right there is your exit strategy.

Not only will we find a property in a place that people want to live we will also provide a lawyer, mortgage broker, letting agent and carpet man and handyman and whatever else is needed and hold your hand every step of the way until the property is legally completed, tenanted and paying its way so you can get on with your life and think about buying another one.

All you really have to do is pick one, fill in some forms and pay some money and we take care of everything else.

So go and take a look at our recent opportunities page to see the kind of property you could own in a few weeks from now.

Service Number Two

So you want to be a property developer.

Do you  know the golden rule of property developing?

The Golden Rule of Property developing is….

He who has the gold, rules.

Or as the Americans might put it, Cash Is King.

With a war chest full of cash it’s quite easy to make money out of property but the problem is you need a very big chest because houses cost a lot of money. However, by grouping together with a bunch of like minded individuals and pooling resources the buying power of your cash is increased. These joint venture deals as they used to be known  can easily show 30% returns within a calendar year or less. All you need is a good opportunity, a wad of cash and an experienced project manager with an interest in the success of the deal.

Example no 1. 3 bed 70’s built house in need of little more than redecoration on the market at £258,000. Offered and purchased in 14 days from contract at £182,500, spent £9,000 on a refurb and sold at original full asking price. Margin after costs = £47,000 or better than 25% inside six months. Purchased in a limited company with investors as shareholders, profits shared by way of dividend payments.

Example no 2. 300 year old country pub bought at auction for £250,000. Planning consent for one house around back sold for £250,000. Refurbishment of original pub at a cost of £62,000, pub sold at £375,000. Margin £300,000+ in fourteen months.

So service number two is an introductory service where can put like minded individuals together with regular updates on their project via a specific webpage for investors eyes only. To register costs nothing, but you will need some cash to get involved.

Service Number Three

The recommendation board.

Over the years we have accumulated quite a contact book of reliable people that we have used in the professions and trades throughout the areas we have been working in and we would like to make that available to you too.

When we first decided to put this website together we were encouraged to put links to other sites on our pages because it makes it easier for readers to get to our friends and colleagues and also generates us a passive income.

However, when I go to sites like that I just get annoyed because clearly these sites are only putting the contact buttons on their pages in order to generate income and finish up with so many buttons that quite frankly it gives me a headache.

Our recommendation board is not a one size fits all site, rather it’s a bespoke board. You tell us what you’re looking for, be it a property lawyer, or a reliable letting agent, or carpet man, or someone to clear your gutters, or someone to build you a massive extension and we will personally recommend a reliable person or company. Oh and we won’t be taking a commission either so this is FREE.

Service Number Four

Ask Us How

We provide an email based question and answer scheme designed for anybody from experienced serial investors to first time buyers. You can ask anything property related, in private.

It includes all those questions that you really think you ought to have known the answer to but seem too silly to ask out loud in company, all the way to complex issues concerning contracts, leases, deal structures, building matters, refurbishment issues or anything else for that matter.

Having dealt with hundreds of property deals for dozens of people there’s not much that we haven’t come across and we have a compendium of useful hints and tactics available. Not only that if we don’t know the answer in house we will almost certainly know the right person to ask or the right place to go.

We have amassed lots of information by making costly mistakes over the years and it’s now available to you FREE so you don’t have to.  All you have to do is ask.




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